Eric Hansen

Assistant Professor of Political Science

About Me

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Loyola University Chicago. I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2017.

My research focuses on representation and policymaking in state legislatures and Congress. My work has appeared in the American Political Science Review and the Journal of Politics, among other outlets. The section below lists my publications and working papers, and includes links to article texts, media coverage, and replication data.

I teach courses on American politics and institutions. Farther below you'll find a list of my prepared courses and links to syllabi.

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  1. Hansen, Eric R., and Andrew Tyner. "Educational Attainment and Social Norms of Voting." Forthcoming, Political Behavior.

  2. Hansen, Eric R., and Christopher J. Clark. "Diversity in Party Leadership in State Legislatures." Forthcoming, State Politics & Policy Quarterly.

  3. Hansen, Eric R., Nicholas Carnes, and Virginia Gray. 2019. "What Happens When Insurers Make the Insurance Laws? State Legislative Agendas and the Occupational Makeup of Government." State Politics & Policy Quarterly 19(2): 155-79.

  4. Jansa, Joshua, Eric R. Hansen, and Virginia Gray. 2019. "Copy and Paste Lawmaking: Legislative Professionalism and Policy Reinvention in the States." American Politics Research 47(4): 739-67.

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  6. Hansen, Eric R., and Sarah A. Treul. 2015. "The Symbolic and Substantive Representation of LGB Americans in the U.S. House." Journal of Politics 77(4): 955-67.  

Working Papers



 American Politics  Fall 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
 American Political  Institutions (grad)  Spring 2018
 Interest Groups  Fall 2018 (LUC); Spring 2017 (UNC)
 Legislative Process  Spring 2019
 Political Numbers  Fall 2019
 Politics & the Press  Spring 2019
 State Politics  Fall 2019, Fall 2017 (LUC); Summer 2016, Summer  2015, Spring 2015, Summer 2014 (UNC)


  • Earle Wallace Award for Graduate Student Teaching
    • UNC Department of Political Science, May 2015



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